Saturday, November 28, 2009

Annual PE Program

In the Chilean educational system, we learn something new every day.

The most recent thing we have learned is that it is typical for schools to hold an annual PE program; ie, an event at which each grade levels exhibits choreographed performances using skills they have been taught that year. Today was that day for our girls.

It was very interesting to watch the performances, which were energetic and varied. Some of the older grades used props such as colored flags and streamers. A younger grade used hula hoops and one class simply used floor mats to do a tumbling routine which was actually quite impressive for their age (3rd grade.)

As you'll see in the videos below, Isabel's class used army hats and handkerchiefs for their props, while Eva's class went all out on Jedi gear. I never thought I'd see my girly girl performing a Star Wars routine, but Owen assured me he knew all along that his sister could fight like a Jedi! :)

Probably the funniest part was watching his reaction as his sisters performed. If you pay close attention to minute 5:53 on Isabel's video, you will see just how psyched he was! We were really proud of the girls for how hard they worked on these programs. Afterwards Eva was in tears because she felt she'd done poorly, but we assured her that we loved watching her and she had done a fine job. Since the kids had never practiced in the rented gymnasium they used for the event, it was a little overwhelming and confusing for them in a new place.

Our girls are just a few weeks away from finishing their first full year in Chilean school, and they have both made tremendous strides. We are so thankful for their hard work and courage and thank God for them both!

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Terri Fisher said...

Wow! Those were very long routines for the girls to memorize and perform! I'm really impressed! Great job, Eva and Isabel!